The Real Meaning of Christmas
A Christmas Poem by Joseph P. Martino Copyright© 2003

Two thousand years ago the King of Kings was born.
'The Lamb of God' later made to feel the thorn,
If his words are accepted and not scorned,
They will make us all reborn.

Though God's grace, Joseph and Mary presented
A gift to the world that day, which we can all repay,
by living the ten commandments each and every day.

Try to remember and keep in your heart and mind
Jesus's gospel while here on Earth,
Redemption not a life lived in constant mirth.
Peace on Earth, good will toward man
Everyone should try it, whenever they can.

The Lord gave us the option and choice of 'free will,'
Now it's up to us to fit the bill.

So when you’re Christmas shopping for family and friends,
and money is tight at both ends,
Remember that the greatest gift of all,
Is your love of Jesus in the manger stall.


This poem seems especially poigniant to me as I am older now and I see the "true" meaning of Christmas. For Christmas of 2008, I have some very specific wishes.

First, I wish for all my fellow Mississippians on the Gulf Coast who are still homeless and hungry years after Hurricane Katrina to have a warm meal and to feel the love of Jesus wrapping them with hope for a brighter future.

And secondly, I wish my dear family to know how much I love and miss them, and wish we could all be together, not just for Christmas, but always. I love you all with all my heart!

And, last but not least, I wish all of the wonderful friends I have made in my lifetime to know that they are always in my thoughts and my prayers...every last one of you! I hold all of you very close in my heart and not a day goes by that I don't reflect on how truly blessed I am with the gift of friendship. You may not always hear from me, but you are on my mind.

To all my dear friends and family, I love you and may your holidays be filled with joy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

Love Always,


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