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This website has been authored by Denise Rednour from 1995 to present. All text, files, images, pictures, backgrounds and graphics on this website are copyrighted and are strictly prohibited to be used for any purpose without prior express written authorization from Denise's Dreams

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"Year of the Cat"
sung by Al Stewart

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Health & Healing Award

Health & Healing Award

Presented to Sites devoted to Health or Healing. The site may also be an emotional support type page with substance. I award this to "Survivors" of various health or social problems too. This is not for sites with links only and no content.

Spirit of the Seasons Award

Spirit of the Seasons Graphic

For any "holiday" related website or pages. This award will be offered in several versions for the different celebrations and times of year (it is not strictly for the Christmas holiday).

Dreamy Pet Site Award

Dreamy Pet Site Graphic

This award is obviously for a pet related topic! Duh! *giggle* If you have a page devoted to your furry family members, please apply!

"Spooktacular" Site Award

"Spooktacular" Award Graphic

I am a Halloween lover. Only the scariest, and spookiest sites will be honored with this "tough to achieve" award!

My "Precious" Award

My Precious Award Graphic

This award is solely for the purpose of recognition to those individuals whose site's I have been invited to that impress me the most. Invite me to your site and sign my guest book and'll be my next honoree!

My "Seal of Approval" Award

Seal of Approval Graphic

This award tells everyone that you have a site to be proud of. It is presented to those who maintain high standards and creativity. The pages must be pleasing to the eye as well as the mind and provide the viewer with "useful" information.

My "Award of Honor"

Award of Honor Graphic

This award is bestowed for excellence in artistry. There are three levels to this award, gold, silver and bronze. The graphics do not necessarily have to be "original", but proper credit must be given for "borrowed" images. A talent for making the pages come alive with color will assure receiving this award.

My "Award In Bloom"

Award In Bloom Graphic

My award for web page excellence. This award is for excellence in any area of expertise. For example: beautiful graphics, superior sound, entertainment value, original thought, etc. This award may be given to new sites as well as those in progress.

and finally . . .

Michael's Award from Denise's Dreams

Michael's Award Graphic

My Highest Honor! This award cannot be applied for. This award will be given out only once a year to my favorite location. You may e-mail me however with an invitation to your site and ask to be considered. Special thanks to my brother Michael for the gorgeous photography!

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