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Awards Won by Denise

2005 - Page 2

My thanks for these beautiful awards. Please visit these terrific sites!

(The following awards appear in reverse of the order they were received, most recent first)

Thank You Kath/Angel Kitten for these two nice awards!
Received May 23rd, 2005

Kathy's Kountry Corner Cozy Site Award

Kathy's Kountry Korner Beautiful Site Award

Well sweetie, welcome to Heaven's Angels...I think you're fairly new! I'm Head of Acceptance and I recognize your name. I don't like to "be the judge" LOL -- so I'm sending you BOTH of my awards. You deserve it.
Kath/Angel Kitten

How fortunate I am to have received these two gorgeous awards
from Rhonda on May 22, 2005!

Beautiful Site Award from Rhonda's Blessings

Excellence in poetry Award from Rhonda's Blessings

Dear Denise,
I have visited your site and feel that it is worthy of the awards. Hope you enjoy them. The Lord Jesus Bless and Keep you always.
In Christ Love
and mine

Judy was so kind to send me three beautiful awards
for various areas of my site.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Judy!
Creative Writer Award of Excellence from Judy

Protector of animals Award from Judy

Pet Lovers Award from Judy

Hello Denise

I have enjoyed browsing through your site and must say it is well presented, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye of the visitor. You have shared many of your lifes experiences with all that visit with you, I found myself spending quite some time visiting with you.

I am sending to you my Creative Writer Award, Protector of Animals for your Great Pyrenees Pages and Pet Lovers for your Pets and Rainbow Bridge Pages.

I have added you to my award winners list (Page 9) with a link to your website at

I wish you every success for the future ~ God bless you and those you love


"You have the ability to attain whatever you seek,
Within you is every potential you can imagine."

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