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Small Magnolia Separation

Favorite Links

I love to spend as much time as possible on the web.... and while doing so, I have found some very special places that I think others will enjoy visiting as much as I have. Please join me in browsing through some or all of the will be well worth it!

Thank You....Come Back and Join Me for Coffee Soon!

Your Friend,

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Top Picks and Friends of Mine

Visit today!

Dana and Emmy are two wonderful people who love animals. They adopted one of my foster dogs and I am the creator and Webmaster of their website which offers quality products for your pets as well as informative pages on rescue and more!

Hancock County Humane Society

This is a very dear friend of mine. I am Webmaster for this site too. Please pay her a visit and perhaps adopt a wonderful new "furry" family member at the same time!

Hancock County Humane Society Banner

Mississippi Great Pyrenees Rescue

I am pleased to be the an officer (Secretary) of the Mississippi Great Pyrenees Rescue. I am Webmaster for this site too. Please pay her a visit and perhaps adopt a wonderful new "furry" family member at the same time!

Mississippi Great Pyrenees Rescue

Jacquie Lawson Greeting Cards

This is without a doubt the very best of the best in Flash Animation greetings. Please pay Jacquie a visit and become a member!

Jacquie Lawson e-cards

ICQ (I Seek You)

Be advised when all your friends are online and conduct "real time" on-line chats! I don't know how I'd live without it!

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Causes & Support Pages

Please Visit My Health & Healing Page for More Links

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Search Engines


Tremendous search engine---if you can't find it here, it probably can't be found! I use it more than any other site on the web.

AltaVista Search

My old stand-by search engine---it's good for hard-to-find information.


A unique search that has many special features.

Found Money

Find Money You Never Knew You Had... Instantly!

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Web Helpers

ZD Net Downloads

A wonderful place for everything you ever wanted from Windows Themes to software programs!


A highly rated search engine similar to ZD Net.

Java Boutique

Everything you ever wanted concerning Java. Contains free scripts, applets, and host of "how-to's". If you can't find it here, it can't be found!

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Just Plain Fun!!!

Dustin's Days of Our Lives Page

My favorite soap... been watching since I was born! Keep up with all the happenings in Salem.

Angel Winks Heavenly Postcards

This is the best electronic greetings site I've found yet!

The Weather Channel

Up to the minute accurate forcasts. You watch them on television, now you can monitor the weather from behind your keyboard!

On This Day In History

I love this kind of nostalgia, don't you.... find out what happened on the day you were born or what happened 50 years ago today..... very educational and entertaining too!

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