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This website has been authored by Denise Rednour from 1995 to present. All text, files, images, pictures, backgrounds and graphics on this website are copyrighted and are strictly prohibited to be used for any purpose without prior express written authorization from Denise's Dreams

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"Bless the Beasts"
and the Children
as Sung By
The Carpenters

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Denise's Pets

Allow me to introduce our family of furry children!


The Kitties of the House
Minnie Pearl - Deaf Domestic Longhair
Tippy - Siamese Mix
Mineaux - Tabby
Pilar - Flame Point "Hemmingway" Kitten
Snickers - Tuxedo Cat
The Doggies of Our Home
Hobo - Beagle/Basset

Joli' - Black Labrador

Picard - Great Pyrenees
Lance - Great Pyrenees/Collie Mix
Bryan - Great Pyrenees
LaLa - Manchester Terrier
Cha-Cha - Chihuahua


Many pets have come and gone through the lives of our parents. They love us very much (I think they love us the most!). Please visit the link just below where Mommy and Daddy remember our brothers and sisters before us. It's just before heaven at "Rainbows Bridge"...

Rainbow Bridge


I Strongly Support the Following:
Please Visit and Show Your Support As Well!
Our Animal Friends Need Our Help

PetSmart Banner

Doris Day Animal Foundation

International Fund For Animal Welfare


PETA Kills Animals! Banner


I Support the Following (No Links)

Spay and Neuter

No More Cruelty


Dog With Newspaper

E-mail Mommy here


On September 13, 2006, I received this lovely award from Leroux
Thank you Leroux from all my furry family and myself!

Pet Lovers Award from Leroux
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