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Small Magnolia Separation

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Small Magnolia Separation


by Denise Davis-Rednour

The following are a few poems I have written over the years...


"My Friend"

Let me be your eyes
so that you can see
how much I care.

Let me be your ears
so that you will understand
what I am trying to say.

Let me be your hands
so that you can reach out
for what is rightfully yours


Let me be your heart
so that I know
you are truly
my friend.



As I gaze
into the haze,
I dream of the days,
your smile, your ways.

In days of Mays,
when the sun shines bright rays,
I sit in a daze
and listen to blue jays.

The sky is painted in dull grays,
Is this but another silly faze?
Everyone, sooner or later, pays.

As I gaze
into the haze,
I dream of the days,
your smile, your ways.


"My Heart is On Fire"

I can feel a spark
and my heart ignites.
I start to feel the warmth of love
and the spark becomes a flame
and love burns...

My heart is on fire.



As I sit by the shore
and gaze out over the sea,
I suddenly realize
just how much he meant to me.

He was always there to listen
when I needed to "talk it out",
Or tell him something silly
that I felt good about.

And now the sun begins to descend
as the tide pulls away,
And I'm thinking how I miss him
more and more each day.

I'll never understand
how the sea continues it's cycle,
All I know is
I'll forever miss
my little brother,


I'm Proud to say that I was given a special award for the following poem entitled "Our Relationship"

Pantheras Creative Writing Award
Presented November 11, 1998

"Our Relationship"

I'll never forget
The night that we met,
You really caught my eye.
But I was a fool
And played it cool
And time slipped slowly by.

Then it occurred
That we finally heard
Our assumptions had really been true.
You came to my home
And we found time alone
And my heart I was giving to you.

We started off right
With hardly a fight
And remained that way till the end.
We were part of each other
Like Sister and Brother
And to me, you were truly a friend.

We shared mutual feelings
That had special meanings.
And we grew to be one in the same.
You were my guy
And that was no lie.
I guess I should carry the blame.

What your heart once felt
Had begun to melt.
And I was beginning to see
That our love had to end,
Though you'd still be my friend.
But our love that once was, wouldn't be.

You had your obligations
Beyond my expectations
And it hurt me to know you would leave.
You planned to go to school
And I felt such a fool
For this, I just couldn't conceive.

I knew it was coming
But I kept right on running
From the time that it all came to pass.
You let me go free
And said you loved me
And my heart became shattered like glass.

I'll remember forever
And suppose I'll always treasure
All the beautiful moments we shared.
I'll dry up my sorrows
With dreams of tomorrow's.
But remember how much I have cared.

Now here I am
Holding back what I can
But it's not going to do any good.
I've lost you it's true
But I'll always love you
Please remember that, if you would.

I won't see you any more
Cause I'm locked outside the door
By the many miles of country in my way.
You'll remain within my heart
Although we'll be apart
And I'll think about you each and every day.

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Small Magnolia Separation
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