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Small Pyr Seperation

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Small Pyr Seperation

History of the Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees Rescue


After having raised two Great Pyrenees I never got over their loyalty and good nature. I found that I constantly thought about them and wanted to have another "Pyr". *This in spite of the fact that I have several other pets including eight other dogs and 7 cats*

I live in Long Beach, Mississippi on the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi Great Pyrenees Rescue is located in Carriere, Mississippi, about 50 miles from here. About three years ago, I called them and volunteered to help rescue and foster these magnificent animals.

Cathy and John, who run the rescue are two of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. They care for as many as fifteen or twenty dogs at a time themselves!

In June of 2006 I became Secretary of the Mississippi Great Pyrenees Rescue. I am honored to serve as an officer to a rescue organization that is so respected in our region.

Wow! I Want One!, you've researched the breed thoroughly and you've decided you want a Great Pyrenees. Do you have to have a puppy?? Puppies are wonderful but they have to be house trained, leash trained and so on...

Would you consider the older Pyr that needs a home? One that is past the puppy stage. A full-sized, mature Pyr that is eager to spend the remainder of it's life with a loving family. If so, please consider a rescued Great Pyrenees.

What Is Rescue?

Every Pyr should be a wanted Pyr, but in the unfortunate event that this is not true, the Mississippi Great Pyrenees Rescue offers a rescue service. Dogs are accepted from local shelters or given directly to Pyr rescue by persons who, for some reason, can no longer keep the dog. Rescued Pyrs are given veterinary care, spayed or neutered and fostered through donations of time and money by dedicated volunteers. Suitable homes are located and the dogs are placed for a fee. The fee depends on the extent of veterinary care and rehabilitation.

Why Do Pyrs End Up In Rescue?

All Pyrs started out being adorable white fluffy fur balls but somewhere along the line made the mistake of getting too big, barking too much, shedding too much, or some other ridiculous human excuse. Some people decide they can no longer properly care for the animal, some because of the cost, some because they did not understand the training requirements of owning a giant breed dog, and then some who are just cruel and inhumane. Some Pyrs have to be removed from homes that have neglected or abused them. People get divorced, have babies, develop allergies... the reasons go on and on.

So, if you feel that you would like to share your life with a rescued Pyr, devoted and loyal to you and grateful for a loving home, please contact The Mississippi Great Pyrenees Rescue. There are many Pyrs waiting for adoption... make one of them your next four footed friend and life long companion!

For more information, please contact:


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